psycho logic

Aug 18

i heart romania!

Q: the fall of communism = the fall of gymnastics?

A: almost, but thanks for saving the day, romanian wonder!

and NO - they should NOT have to be ‘at least’ 16! more havoc is wrecked on an older, taller, larger body and to push it to do what a 12- to 14- year-old body can do is incredibly unrealistic, injurious and, well, kinda creepy.

however, i was incredibly impressed, awed and wowed (and even more jealous of the power of being short!) by oksana chusovitina. omg! miraculous! here’s a glimpse of her ‘early years’ - the last year i was able to compete in gymnastics (the year i became too tall and too injured) and the USA vs USSR. [really?]

    as alicia sacramone commented, “I don’t know how she does it… my back hurts, my knees hurt, I think I have arthritis.” yep, i hear your pain 20 is old - so was 16 (and 15 even)! amen, sista.

    ps oh, bela.

    Jul 30

    killer surprise

    the killers played an incredible and surprise (well, to me anyway - thanks, ilike for the ‘advanced’ notice) show at highline ballroom last night. someone on craigslist offered me a ticket at face value. my skepticism was on target as he ended up giving it to a friend last minute, probably because i asked to meet at will call instead of joining his pub crawl. i ventured to chelsea anyway and loitered around the venue for about an hour willing to pay up to $200 - crazy, i know. no scalpers, tickets or hope in sight - just several other fans looking for extra tickets…

    enter marlo. with an extra ticket. face value. my hero.

    marlo, whoever and wherever you are - THANK YOU! i now believe in miracles.

    stay tuned for video…

    Jul 28

    spotted: chuck & nate

    chuck bass (ed westwick) and nate archibald (chace crawford) were checking out sweetwater in williambsburg yesterday around 5:13pm. chuck was looking very hipster with a black t and a black fedora with white trim. nate sported a fratty baseball cap and a classic white t. leading with his angular jawline as though being filmed, chuck tried to walk in several times, but his entourage seemed uninterested. someone inside told him to shut the door. chuck looked in one more time, then the group retreated and headed toward bedford - probably to the MGMT concert at mccarren park pool


    i’m still giddy…


    Jul 27

    i’ll be there, right by your [summer sublet]

    my little pony is alive and well and living in the lower east side or simiply escorting the tall, estranged olsen cousin into the city…

    who leaves a country packed with ponies to come to a non-pony country?
    — seinfeld

    i love the alliteration in that line.

    May 13

    i’m obsessed with this!
    best part = 0:35-39